Stephanie C. Conkle

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & ICBCH Instructor

A leader in the industry since 2009, Stephanie Conkle is a full-time Clinical Hypnotherapist and ICBCH Instructor who trolls eBay and used bookstores for out of print books to add to her rare hypnotism book collection. She is passionate about her work in hypnosis and enjoys delving into the more esoteric side of hypnotism when opportunities arise.

Stephanie’s vision for the class is to create a learning atmosphere charged with a kind of fun comradery, where all students feel welcomed and treated as a part of the collective fraternity of hypnotists, who look forward to showing up each week to learn from instructors that truly teach from the heart with approachable authority.

Stephanie Conkle resides in the Greater Atlanta area, is married with three beautiful but zany children, and is the creator of the Profound Somnambulism Protocol. Contact her directly for her current class offerings.

Currently offering online certification training with co-instructor Marian Spurgeon at https://www.members.marianspurgeon.com



Phone: (678) 995-3549

Email: Stephanie@clearliferesults.com

Website: StephanieConkle.com

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