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Online Hypnotherapy Certification

Are you wondering if online hypnotherapy certification is possible? Can a person really learn hypnosis online, and do a good job helping other people? Really, this question can be asked about any online training program, and from the explosive growth of online higher education, and the acceptance of employers who recognize the value of online degrees, and the many students who prefer online training and we can see the answer is yes!

But let’s go back to online hypnotherapy certification specifically. If you are considering taking our course, you are already bringing a lifetime of experience in dealing with people and most likely an interest in the mind, and psychology. You are not coming to this course cold. Of the thousands of students who have taken our online hypnotherapy certification program, we have never had a 20-year old high school drop out, who has no work experience and is addicted to video games take our course.

online hypnotherapy certification

People who take our online hypnotherapy certification come from a counseling or medical background, and bring the skills of assessment and treatment planning. Or they come as adults form the corporate word, where they have been problem solving for decades, and managing personalities. Or some other area of life that has knowledge and experience.

Online hypnotherapy certification works because you are bringing your previous interests and experiences to the course. What we provide, is an established protocol and specific training in hypnotic induction, suggestive therapy, and the techniques of clinical hypnosis.

Many people take our online hypnotherapy certification not because they plan to exclusively offer hypnosis, but because the foundation it provides, can be useful in any profession. Teachers use hypnotic methods, attorneys help people with personal problems in addition to legal problems, counselors and therapists integrate hypnotic methods into non-hypnotic therapies.  And people who take our online hypnotherapy certification are well equipped to do this.

But what about those who want to shift professions entirely and take an online hypnotherapy certification course to make the transition. The good news is, that the ICBCH Gold Level and Platinum Level courses provide an enormous amount of content and very specific training. If you can learn anything online, you can learn hypnosis online. But people who are serious about hypnotherapy, then continue their education and become lifelong learners. Nobody ever took a basic certification course, then said, “I am not going to learn anything more.” Any online hypnotherapy certification course is a starting point. And the ICBCH course equips you to work with clients using proven strategies and specific methods. Does it cover every possibility under the sun? No. No course does, and no book does, and no video does. That is why in addition to our online hypnotherapy certification courses we offer many hours of additional continuing education, and live training classes, and participate in national and international learning conferences.

The goal of the ICBCH is to help you make the right choice for learning. All of our courses allow you to learn at home, review the material when you want to (something you can’t do in a live class) and to have a proven structure that utilizes the same learning strategies and techniques as online universities use for higher education. Call our office at (918) 236-6116 and discover how you can start your course today.