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Hypnotherapy Training

We offer the most advanced hypnotherapy training course, live in Las Vegas, three times per year. This is the ICBCH Master Class, and it is open to any hypnotherapy trianingcertified hypnotherapist regardless of where you have attained your certification. The ICBCH Master Class is designed to take you to the expert level, and to refine your strategy and technique.

The class is an advanced class, although those new to hypnotherapy training, are invited if they have completed a basic certification course. Unlike any other class, the class is limited to 12 people and it is held in an intimate luxury suite rather than a meeting room.  What this means, is that you will get expert feedback from Dr. Richard Nongard, who will be observing your application of the techniques and helping you to master the art of hypnosis. Register here.

When you are one of the 12 people who attend this course, you will have:

  • Specific answers to your questions about techniques and the business side of hypnosis
  • The chance to get personalized feedback to help you move to an expert level
  • You will get access to the techniques of advanced hypnosis – and you will be able to duplicate the results of successful hypnotists.

What this means to you, is that you will enhance your skills and create better outcome. That translates into becoming your city’s expert and increasing your referrals. This is a class that can virtually pay for itself with your success.

You have probably taken courses with a teacher in the front of the room, and even practiced techniques with a partner. And you have probably done a lot of hypnosis sessions, but still don’t feel like you have gotten feedback to help you really succeed.

That is what this class is all about – helping you create technical and professional success. ICBCH Hypnotherapy Certification

Hypnotherapy training needs to be personal and you need specific attention to really maximize your potential.  What would you like to accomplish in hypnotherapy training?

Imagine the potential for your professional growth by attending this course. Registered nurses, and mental health professionals , and clinical hypnotherapists also earn approved continuing education credit.

If you have been looking for live hypnotherapy training, and live advanced hypnotherapy training this course is legendary, and only offered three times per year. Make sure you get your spot in the next hypnotherapy training class we offer in Las Vegas.

Do we do this in other cities?  No. The reason is simple. It is fast and cheap to get to Las Vegas form anywhere in the world. Hotel rates are very inexpensive and the weather is always good. Come to Las Vegas – you will have a great time. If you have a hypnotherapy training school, or other core group, anywhere in the world, we can provide this training in other cities in a special arrangement with your group.

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