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ICBCH Hypnosis Certification

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ICBCH Hypnosis Certification
ICBCH Hypnosis Certification

Questions and Answers:
ICBCH Hypnosis Certification

A. Courses are offered live in various cities throughout the world, and online from any location in our worldwide learning center. You can see our complet list of approved online training programs here: https://subliminalscience.com/icbch-hypnosis-certification-category/

You can find a list of approved live training events here: https://subliminalscience.com/live-training-classes-catagory/

A. Thousands of professionals, in every English speaking country, and in many other countries around the world are members of the ICBCH. Our certification program continuing education hours are recognized in the USA for continuing education hours for licensed mental health professionals and registered nurses. Other hypnosis training organizations worldwide have accepted our coursework for documentation of continuing education.

A. Yes, you can get a membership and reciprocal certification form the ICBCH if you are certified by another organization and in good standing. We accpet certification from many organizations worldwide, however, we only accept reciprocity applications from those who have completed actual hypnosis training either live or online, from an organization known to provide quality programming.

A. ICBCH Hypnosis Certification programs have been offered since 2006. For over a decade we have been a leader in online hypnosis education and training. Our courses have been completed by thousands of professionals. As a continuing education organization, we have been offering training to professionals since 1994. That is almost three decades of high quality training in mental health, clinical hypnosis, mindfulness meditation and other techniques designed to help change lives.

A. Yes! You can interact with thousands of members in our social media form at www.ICBCHGroup.com and ask any questions. Ask for a review, ask for references, ask anything you would like! You will get the feedback from thousands of forum members who can help you achieve your goals.